New Brand, Who ‘Dis? — A message from Tyra

When I created the SMiZE CREAM ice cream company, I wanted it to be about more than ice cream. We had super, big plans to have a huge impact - to help people reach their goals on a daily basis. And then reality set in…

Yes, we put a yummy SURPRIZE truffle at the bottom of every serving to represent digging for your goals, and we developed a whole impact program all about goal setting and goal getting.

But then things got real…hard.

The day-to-day running of a start-up business ain’t easy. Especially when you’re entering a biz you don’t have expertise in. Shoot! I ain’t never run no ice cream company before! Expertise is something I did not have. But I had a helluva lotta passion.

Nights were sleepless. Days were cray-cray. So while we had this beautiful vision to run programs to help people’s goals happen, keeping a new business growing as non-ice cream experts took up all of our time.

Illustration: Inger Caroline Castro Paris

Then, something clicked…

Do you know how on the airplane the safety video says to put your oxygen mask on first and then place it on your child after? That way you can support and protect others with all of your strength. I realized that’s what we were doing with our new company. Making sure we were strong enough so that we could later support and help others with all our muscle!

So now we’re flying 30,000 feet, and while there’s natural new-biz-turbulence, we are on a beautiful flight path. So it was time to get back to why we started our business in the first place.

Whenever I speak about our ice cream company, I talk from my heart about seeing my Mama (who was a single mom) work overtime for years to make her DREAMS for our family come true and how she made me the strong woman I am today. So many people connect to my mom’s past struggles. Many approach me with tears in their eyes confessing how deeply inspired they are by her DREAMS and determination - how her stories help them see a path towards making their own huge DREAMS come true. These people inspired me to return to why I started this ice cream company in the first place. To inspire others to wake up and DREAM.

So here we are today… refreshed… reborn…

We’re still a start up… But we’re laser focused on inspiring people's DREAMS - from our team members to our community. You’ll see…
And we now have a dedicated team who’s every focus is to make DREAMS possible.

So yes, we changed our name.

👋🏽 Bye bye SMiZE CREAM, hello SMiZE & DREAM.

And yep, we switched up the very icon that was all over our brand.

👋🏽See ya later old logo, hello new logo

Our new logo has a few new characters added to it - our family mascots who all have crazy, HUGE dreams. They have haters telling them they’ll never reach their DREAMS because they're either too old or too young. There’s a whole fairytale story about their lives I’m working on, that you will get to experience in so many different ways. Much more on that later. (It’s so exciting!

I’ma keep it really real:
Because we’re a start up, it’s hard for us to just wipe away everything that says SMiZE CREAM from our entire brand today. So you’ll experience this transition with us. Over time, SMiZE CREAM will slowly fade away, and the only thing that will be left standing is our refreshed SMiZE & Dream brand. It’s a journey. And I’m happy you’re taking it with us.

You’re very busy so thank you for reading this to the very end.

Illustration: Inger Caroline Castro Paris