Super Premium ice cream +
gourmet cookie dough =
Tyra Banks’ SMiZE & DREAM. Drop the mic!

I can remember like yesterday, my family members and friends baking cookies... but that moist, gritty, buttery dough hardly got to the oven cuz I was all over it. I wasn’t just licking spoons. I wasn’t just licking bowls. I was grabbing globs and chunks of it. I can still hear my mama’s voice saying, “Tyra Banks. you betta get outta this kitchen now! And bring me back my mixing bowl!”

Goodness gracious...We didn’t know way back then that cookie dough contained raw eggs that were not necessarily the safest to eat without being cooked first.

Cut to today. You can find all kinds of ready to eat cookie dough, meaning it is safe to eat in it’s uncooked state! Hallelujah!!! We all know Cookie Dough is all the rage, especially in ice cream!

So, when I came up with the idea to hide a surprise, a SMiZE PRiZE, inside of every cup of SMiZE & DREAM, we got extremely excited about cookie dough! But I wasn’t satisfied with just putting a big chunk of cookie dough inside of the ice cream. I wanted the digging experience to be fun and delightful and that when you finally saw that big huge chunk down deep in that ice cream, it was a moment of pure excitement.

I decided to cover our amazing cookie dough in naturally-colored sprinkles. So now, when you’re digging into your SMiZE Cream ice cream, you see that beautiful color and you know you’ve struck cookie dough “gold”!

The great thing about our cookie dough SMiZE PRiZES in our ice cream is that each of their cookie dough truffle flavors pairs beautifully with the ice cream flavor that it resides in. So, there’s not just one type of cookie dough that we put in every SMiZE & DREAM cup. Nope. That’s not how we do thangs around here!

We’ve got Caramel Pecan cookie dough SMiZE PRiZES hiding out in our SALTED CARAMEL KING ice cream.

There are Chocolate Blueberry cookie dough SMiZE PRiZES chillin’ in our BROWNIES, I LOVE YOU ice cream.

And a crowd favorite… Cookies & Cream cookie dough SMiZE PRiZES are hidden in our PURPLE COOKIE MON-STAR & ME ice cream!

The cookie dough list goes on and on. We like it like that. Variety is the SMiZE of life, right?

But I’m gone keep it real...Creating some of the best cookie dough I’ve ever tasted was not easy. Our ice cream scientist, Dr. Maya Warren worked so hard…we were flying across the country experimenting, concocting, working until midnight and then in the middle of the night, to get all the recipes just right. And it was all done with handmade love.

I remember one day, Maya had to step away to do a Zoom conference and I took charge on a few test batches. Whew...those were nowhere near tasting cute! But finally, we hit the cookie dough jackpot, and created that most delectable, gourmet cookie dough taste and texture that just makes ya toes curl.

You know what...Our ice cream is super premium and that classification is defined by the USDA. I think I need to start a CDA. A Cookie Dough Association - cuz baby, I may have been a supermodel, but that ain’t nothin’ compared to SMiZE & DREAM’s super premium tasting cookie dough we got ova here.

The recipe?

Naw...we ain’t gone tell you. That’s top secret, baby.

Just savor and enjoy all that yummy hard work it took to bring you the dopest dough around.

With lotsa cookie dough love and appreciation,

Tyra Banks | Smize

P.S. Lately, we’ve been having so much fun with SMiZE prizes and now have options with hidden pools of rich sauces and tasty chunks of cakes, cookies and more. YUM!