Why Tyra Banks decided to make the best ice cream, ever!

I love ice cream. Always have.

Friday nights, after homework and dinner, my Mama and I would rush to our local ice cream shop. We’d spoon mounds of that cold, creamy goodness into our mouths (back then, her fave ice cream flavor was chocolate and mine was coffee) and we’d laugh and cry together, and dream our biggest, most outrageous cray-cray-in-a-good-way dreams.

And now (and WOW!), my ultimate dream has come true. Ice cream is now a HUGE part of my life. SMiZE & DREAM is here, y’all! And you can get it shipped to you almost anywhere in the USA with national shipping from us! Woo hoo!

Tara Banks with her mom

Tyra Banks

Founder of SMiZE & DREAM

Favorite flavor: Purple Cookie Mon-Star & Me and her Mama’s fave: Brownies, I Love You

Tara Banks with her mom

So what makes SMiZE & DREAM special...

Yes, it’s super premium ice cream which means that the quality is top notch - we gourmet, baby! (We are technically a frozen custard - which also means SUPER TASTY!!!) SMiZE & DREAM is creamy and it’s dreamy AND our huge, yummy cookie dough (Yaaas Cookie Dough!!!) SMiZE SURPRiZES hidden inside take the tastiness up ten notches! That Surprize is a delicious reward at the bottom of every SMiZE & DREAM cup and symbolizes what our company stands for: GOAL GETTING & DREAM CATCHING.

My dream has come true and we want to help you and your family reach for your dreams, too. With our mentorship program, The SMiZE & DREAM Goalz & Dream Factory, we hope to inspire you to set goals, dig deep, and go after your dreams. Plus, we will provide help to get goal-getters closer to making those dreams come true. We like to say that we’re the ice cream company that inspires you to reach for more than just a spoon! Yeah, baby!

Shoot...writing about my passion made a creamy ice cream craving happen big time - for realz! Ok, time for me to scoop myself a few SMiZE & DREAM flavors. The ones I’m kinda obsessed with these days are PURPLE COOKIE MON-STAR & ME and CHOCOLATE BARBEQUE. Pure heaven in my mouth - and hopefully yours.

With sweet appreciation,

Tyra Banks | Smize