How Tyra's Mama's dream inspired
this 🍦 company!

When Tyra was 6 years old, her parents divorced and Mama Carolyn became a single mom.

Mama, Tyra and her brother Devin moved from their three bedroom home to a tiny one bedroom apartment.

On that first night, as Mama Carolyn tucked her two kids into bed, she vowed that in 1 year, they'd move to a two bedroom apartment.

Mama slept on the living room couch every night and worked hard to make her two bedroom apartment DREAM come true. And in a year, it did.

On the first night in their new two bedroom apartment, as Mama kissed her two kids goodnight, she promised them that in one year they'd move to a 3 bedroom apartment.

Mama Carolyn worked multiple jobs and yes, in one year, she moved her family into a three bedroom DREAM apartment.

Everybody had their own bedroom! Tyra and fam painted her bedroom walls her favorite color yellow.

Mama Carolyn's DREAMS inspired Tyra to DREAM big, too.

And yes, with hard work, tons of support, a dash of luck, and a powerful Smize, Tyra's biggest DREAM came true: to create a yummy ice cream company that inspires you to reach for your DREAMS, just like her mama taught her.

And Tyra DREAMT up a fantastical story, inspired by her family, to prove you're never too young or old to reach your DREAMS - and put those characters on the logo! Plus, she hid tasty SMiZE PRiZES inside the ice cream you have to dig deep to find. And it all started in a sweet and tiny one bedroom apartment.

A CREAM come true.

In 2023, Tyra renamed our company to make sure we never forget why we exist.

Our new logo is full of DREAMS!

Inspired by Tyra's mother, DJ Splitz is a grandma who DREAMS of being a DJ that headlines the hottest clubs across the globe.

Her daughter LeeLee DREAMS of being an internationally known high fashion designer, but is competing with people half her age.

Her son Lil' Y DREAMS of being a world-renowned ice cream chef and entrepreneur - at the age of 7!

Yeah, their dreams are crazy HUGE.

And along their journey, you’ll see them battle haters who say they are too old or too young to reach their crazy, HUGE DREAMS. (Tyra’s even writing a book about it!)

Think about your biggest DREAM... Has anyone told you it will never come true? Is that person you?

Saying what you want out loud gets you one step closer to reaching your goals and dreams.