Outdoors and FREE!
Saturday October 30th from 4-5 pm
SMiZE & DREAM at Santa Monica Place
Tyra Banks’ new SMiZE & DREAM ice cream
invites you to their first

And it's FREE.

On Halloween Eve,
SMiZE & DREAM’s crazy posing pros will
teach you and yours how to get
fierce n’ ready for Halloween:
Learn how to
Spooky Smize.
Strike a Magic
Werk our Black CatWalk
competition with fashion and
ice cream prizes!
Lots of ice cream avail
for purchase!
Our scarily good Halloween flavor
WITCH, PLEASE! has a spicy or sweet cookie
dough SURPRIZE hidden inside.
Witch one will you choose?
And two secret ice cream flavors
revealed at the event.
See you there, Boo!

SMiZE Cream Ice Cream Shop

395 Santa Monica Place, Suite K01
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Located in the center plaza

Monday - Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday - Friday: 2pm - 8pm
Saturday: Noon - 8pm
Sunday: Noon - 7pm

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