All Night Love

Vanilla Ice Cream!
Midnight Cookie Crumble Swirl!
Salted Caramel Ribbon!
Milk Chocolate-Covered Fudge Hearts!

This was one of our most challenging flavors  to develop because our CFO kept eating up all the samples! Yes, it’s that yummy. Lionel Richie himself was alongside the creation of 
ALL NIGHT LOVE and indulged almost as much during the recipe creation. He never sang during our tasting sessions, but he sure did shout whenever he tasted an ingredient he adored. Lionel loves him some Vanilla ice cream so our custard-style Vanilla caresses his other fave: salted caramel. But the flavor party doesn’t stop there. We mix in not-too-sweet midnight cookie crumbles that balances out the decadent sweetness of the ultimate inclusion: Milk chocolate-covered fudge hearts. Let the flavor take control. 

Cookie Dough PRiZE!
With naturally-Colored Sprinkles

Size: 14 oz